Status:  Completed

2019 – 13 min – Short Film – Fiction – Argentina

Supported by Universidad del Cine (FUC) and La Burbuja Sonido

Script and direction: Daniel Katz
Executive Producers: Cecilia Salim, Georgina Baisch
Direction of Photography: Joaquín Neira
Sound Director: Nicolás Pauyeta
Editor: Valeria Racioppi
Art Direction: Ezequiel Galeano
Cast: Mariano Sayavedra, Brian Sichel

CARLOS (42) y DARÍO (18), father and son, go together to play soccer, but
nothing resembles a game-like activity. In and out of the court, Carlos seeks to impose himself by the
word and the rough play. Darío controls the ball skillfully and uses silence to
dodge his father’s harassment, always unhappy with his way of being.
Surrounded by men competing with each other, Darío watches and seeks for himself.
He still is in time to choose another path.