Status: In development
2019 – Color – 5.1 – Fiction – Argentina

Supported by: Mecenazgo Cultural (Argentina), National Fund for the Arts (Argentina), INCAA (Argentina)
Winner of BAL, BAFICI 2019 – Puentes/EAVE – Tres Puertos Cine

A film By: Maximiliano Schonfeld
Script: Maximiliano Schonfeld, Selva Almada
Production: Georgina Baisch, Cecilia Salim

Abel is a purposeless teenager who lives in inner Argentina. Jesus López was his cousin and he died in a motorcycle accident. Abel takes his place and the environment of Jesus López, at first, is seduced by the idea of double. But soon enough, they begin to be uncomfortable. However, Abel is not willing to abandon that borrowed life without giving a fight.