Status :  Completed

Director : Patricio García

Script: Patricio García y Rosalba Mirabella

Production: Anarcovisión – Murillo Cine

Producers: Georgina Baisch, Patricio García, Rosalba Mirabella, Cecilia Salim

Coproduction: Canal 10 (Tucumán) – Alta definición Argentina

2017 – 8 chapters: 26 min – Color  – Fiction – Argentina


“Destiny Puppets” is a telenovela made entirely with cloth puppets, about a tucumanian family and their centenary fabric shop in Maipú street. Their family dictations, generational and social conflicts. Love stories, bedroom stories, crime stories cross in a world of cloth, intrigues and painted cardboard.

It is a miniseries divided in eight chapters of 26 minutes each, that won a federal contest organized by the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA) and the Ministry of Planning / Argentina’s digital public Television (TDA). It had its premiere at the public television channel in March 2012 in prime time hour averaging 2.6 points of rating.


When the patriarch behind Casa Masmud is murdered, his son Naim finds himself forced to take care of the family business and marrying his fixed girlfriend Layla. He then falls in love with Jessica, a new employee, and starts his dramatic path to liberation. Meanwhile Layla falls in love with her gardener Victor and the Masmud murder, involving an ex-employee, is investigated.

In this second “Destiny Puppets” season, all characters must answer to past events to reach once more the elusive happiness. As in The Godfather 2, part of season two tells the past: tha passionate relationship between Don Masmud and gipsy Mariangeles, and the violent opposition from their families, Naim’s true identity, Fátima’s dark curse and how Uncle Entity got to catatonic state. The other half is about the first season story continuation.