Status: Developement
A Film By: Sofía Quirós
Script: Sofía Quirós
Production: Mariana Murillo
Production Companies: Sputnik Films (Costa Rica); Murillo Cine (Argentina), La Post Producciones (Chile), Promenade Films (Francia)
Distribution: Distribuidora Romaly (Costa Rica)


SELVA is 11 years old and resists growing up. Her legs are long and unskilled. Her eyes are black, deep and separated. Her curly hair covers her shoulders, burned by the sun. As she goes through an age she doesn’t understand, Selva tries to keep her family together, even though this proves to be harder every day. Her brother has made the decision to leave home; Elena, her only motherly figure disappears after the town’s fair; and her grandfather fixates on his imaginary goats while he lets himself die. As she walks a path of detachment and growth, Selva will help the person she loves the most to die, even though this will mean passing through her last moments of childhood all alone.

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